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  Vee's Cleaning  Service - Green Cleaning 

Vee's Cleaning Service, Service Provider recognize in the  new millennium "green cleaning" have  impact our lifestyle. Changing from traditional cleaning products to cleaning products made with environmentally friendly ingredients.  Cleaning products are measured and evaluated to meet specific quality, to ensure less harm to human health and the environment.  Cleaning products less chemical use, less toxic, less harmful to cleaner technician, workplace, and homes. Safer for customer and employees who have reaction to smells of cleaning chemicals. We also use green cleaning methods for use of cleaning products and microfiber cleaning supplies to efficiently  clean, absorb, remove dirt and  reusable. Equipment to improve indoor air quality, and reduce air pollutants. . 


                          We aim to provide a healthy environment for business and homes . 

Green Cleaning  Methods Advantages :

  • Reduce amount of dirt/ soil in building or home.
  • .Less chemical use.
  • Biodegradable  cleaning chemicals agents. 
  • Vacuum Cleaner with HEPA to improve indoor air quality to reduce airborne                 particulars.                     
  • Cost saving.
  •    Implement  cleaning  methods .
  •  Provide standards based on science and life-cycle impact of  cleaning                             products.
  • Risk Management Assessment.
  • Update Safety and Health Training.

Green Cleaning  Products
Certified Environmental Cleaning  Products